Soave Versus through Expo 2015


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Soave Versus on Recount Channel.

It’s talking about biodiversity, territorial valorization and “enviromental sustainability” the 13th edition of this famous Festival organized by Consorzio del Soave into the amazing “Palazzo della Gran Guardia” in Verona
Recount Channel is going to examine the most interesting themes of Expo 2015 with luxury wine houses of Soave, statements of Made in Italy white wine production.

It’s an international Festival that since 6th to 8th of September move to Verona international delegations coming from USA, Brasil, China, Hong Kong, Germany, UK, Russia, Japan, Finland and Austria.
Today, one hectare of wineyard of Soave DOC is evaluete 200.000-230.000 euros and in venetian region we have 7000 hectars: for this reason the Soave Wine production is one of the most protected and important of Italy.