World Diamond Group – Investing in Diamonds | Full Video


World Diamond Group | Diamond Invest is the new luxury frontier, which is rigorously Made in Italy.

Wordl-Diamond-Group---Diamond-Invest-(7)The project is all about interpreting the market’s needs and the investors’ demands, which are steady rejecting the traditional forms of investment, in order to approach the diamond investments.
The global level of demand for this material is constantly increasing and the supply in contrast, is reducing itself. Therefore investing in diamonds nowadays is an operation which gives important compensations.

Recount Channel has dedicated an exclusive service to this type of activity which involves indistinctly all global markets. In our Video we will talk about project Diamond Invest, designed and developed by the Vicenza company World Diamond Group which have been in the sector for thirty years and have become a business of international scale. This company have been able to offer products and services to the investment, not to mention high quality jewelry collections under other brands of the same company.

Wordl-Diamond-Group---Diamond-Invest-(5)The Chairman of WDG s.p.a. Giuliano Castrenze, Diamond Invest includes about sixty Italian jewelry companies who offer a sale service and consultancy on diamond investments with international certificate declaring its ethics and quality.
“The global demand’s increase has never seen such high peaks in these past thirty years” says the Chairman. “Looking at  the information published by De Beers, the last mines found were 900, but which only 100 could be profitable. Therefore you can see why the most attentive investors interpret this phenomenon as an opportunity for a steady growing investment“.