The Brian&Barry Buildings + Photo Opening

Milano, 2014 March the 20th

Fashion Jewellery

Set at the #28 of Via Durini, San Babila, Milan, the “Brian&Barry Building” is a luxury tower open 7 days per week since 10 a.m to 10 p.m.

Developed on 12 floors the tower gather together the Best of Made in Italy production: fashion, jewellery, food, furniture and more.

We give life to a meeting point for the city that is combing together excellent products, exclusive support to your clients and the democratic nature of consume – says Claudio Zaccardi, President of BBBspa, owner of “Brian&Barry” Brand and of “Boggi Milano” -. Inside your megastore everybody would buy luxury brands and taste the most incredible italian food but also have a break in more informal food corner“.

Photo by | Niccolò Benetton

…more photo on Flickr here!