“Roma 1947″ by Better Silver


“ROMA 1947″

roma 1947 (5)Recount Channel is showing you the first jewlry collection by BETTER SILVER SPA.
Jewells summoning of a distant and very positive “italian period”, famous all over the world for its charm, elegance and carefreeness: it was after the Second World War.

For the first time since ever, during the International Exhibition VICENZAORO JANUARY 2015, the brand new brand “Roma 1947”, dispalys to journalists and buyers its amazing collections.
RECOUNT CHANNEL, in this video, show you how Better Silver spa, represented by its CEO Paolo Bettinardi, has interpreted, across jewlry, the atmosphere of the economic upturn of Italy that Federico Fellini immortalized in its moovie titled “La Dolce Vita”.

roma 1947 (4)Two collections divided in 8 different groups realized using silver and bronze enrich by zinconia and colorfull semi precious stones that enlight every pieces with a touch of luxury elegance.
These are jewels to live with, to wear daily, to make special every outfit.
The ’50es are involved also into names of every different design: these are inspired by pin up life style,by women of that period, by typical feelings of italian welfare.

Roma 1947 is a “retrò” jewelry brand that embody Made in Italy style, Made in Italy manifacture and Made in Italy philosophy.
Every jewel is a luxury object full of timeless charm.

roma 1947 (1)Better Silver spa needed more than one year to give life to “Roma 1947” that appears, for the first time, during Vicenzaoro January 2015 and is already apprecites by buyers coming from all over the world.