Recount Channel at VINITALY 2015 had the possibility of visiting the most luxurious wineries of Italy, offering you the best productions of Made in Italy. Our country is at the top in Europe for the number of wines labelled DOC. There are 523 wines, against France’s 451. Showing the growing importance of quality.


One of the most excellent wineries which is shown in this video, is the VILLA RINALDI and its collections, a company renowed for its quality and history. It brings to Vinitaly its newest spirit, conserved in the an elegant cristal bottle decorated with Rinaldo Rinaldi’s profile in relief.

Another product made for collectors is Couvée. Two formats are available to buy of the cristal bottle: one and three litres. The packeging isn’t the only particularity of this wine the element which enriches are these golden cristals 18k, which at every sip the wine taster will be able to see dancing lightly inside its flute. A true bijou, easy on the eyes.

villa rinaldi

From a big Venetian to a prestigious Sicilian family. Let’s bring our attention to CONTI TASCA D’ALMERITA, they too are present at Vinitaly. Eight generations of this family have cultivated and utilised the territory of this marvellous island. The Tasca’s five vineyards not only produce wine but also offer an incomparable hospitality. Here to tell us more about the traditions and great innovative push which have animated these vineyards for more than two hundred years is Giuseppe Tasca D’Almerita. An excellent guide that revives the listener’s wish to immediately visit this rich and welcoming land.


Another company which we talk about in our video is SANTA MARGHERITA, symbol of experience and quality. For 80 years Santa Margherita has been one of the leading enterprises in producing sparkling wine, cuvée and Veneto’s classics. Since the beginning they have tried to break through traditions amd create innovative agricultural poles. This company is the MILLE MIGLIA official sponsor, a vintage car race that starts in Brescia, travels to Rome and ends back in Brescia.

astoria - giro d'italia

An élite enterprise present at Vinitaly2015 is VINO ASTORIA. Born in 1987, this company ties its name to a traditional par excellent wine venetian product: the Prosecco. Tradition, innovation, quality and creative marketing are only a few of the company’s many qualities. Astoria is official sponsor to “GIRO D’ITALIA”, a cycling race which carries out along the streets of the whole peninsula. This year the enterprise presents the “Trofeo senza fine” (never ending trophy): a spiral that rises from the base and widens on the sides in bigger and bigger circles where the winner’s names are written on. And to offer a spumante to the publice for those who prefer low-alcohol sparkling wine, here is “9.5 Cold Wine Astoria”.

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