Prize Giorgio Lago 2014 – Full Video

Wine Category

PRIZE GIORGIO LAGO | 9 excellent years

The prize award ceremony of 5 excellent exponents of North East of Italy on Recount Channel. Reward by Luigino Rossi also Gianluca Bisiol

bisol-premio-giorgio-lagoPrize Giorgio Lago 2014 since 9 years exhibit the best side of Nord East of Italy and, also for this edition, is characterized by many emotions.
Five categories are stand out but Recount Channel wanna celebrate with its video the “enterpreneur’s one”.
The award goes to Gianluca Bisol, president of noted winehouse that give life to the project “Venissa” set on an amazing island similar to a treasure cheast containing heritage of Venetian culture.
Among them, there is a tiny exclusive vineyard of Dorona grape that produce the luxury “limited edition” Prosecco.
The jury is presides over Luigino Rossi, globally known shoes maker of Brenta district that produce shoes also for Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacriox and Fendi.