Pasquale Bruni presents its new jewellery collections: for an exclusive Christmas.

The famous jewellery Italian house, since many years makers of the most exclusive high level Made in Italy  jewels, is now presenting its new collections. Recount Channel, in this video is showing to you every one to give you the possibility to choose the best Christmas gift for your loved woman.
The first one is AMORE.

Pasquale Bruni (7)The word AMORE (love) is an icon for Pasquale Bruni and signs precious collections changing in messages to keep always with you.
Round and bold shapes and red enamel are the main characteristic of the new “Amore” collection.
Rings are available in white or pink 18 kt gold with or without diamonds.
Contrarié earrings and pendants (with sautoit gold chain or black neck cord) are sign with a hand printed notice and an embellishment of small hearts, moons and stars, typically expression of Pasquale Bruni brand.

You can also decide to bear on pendent a little message. “Amore collection is representing the most important human sentiment and symbolize the happiness of your soul – says Eugenia Bruni, Creative Director of Pasquale Bruni-. These are jewels to give as a gift for someone or for yourself too. Are precious messages to share a special moment”.

Pasquale Bruni (8)Nobile and romanticis GHIRLANDA Collection enriches by a new masterpiece perfect for “modern princess”: its GHIRLANDA VIOLET the withe 18kt gold collier sets with 200 white diamonds, 204 amethyst and 85 milky quartzes. This is a “double face” jewels because you can ware it as a necklace but also as two bracelets just separating in two parts the collier.



Pasquale Bruni (9)Also MANDALA Collection is “bigger” and more luxury thank you to a new parure made with pink gold set with mother – of – pearl and diamonds. Bracelets, earrings and pendants and more and more feminine and timeless elegant. If you desire sartorial jewels you have to choose PRATO FIORITO Collection: its is perfectly fitting on your body and follow your movements. A luxury to wear to exalt Women’s femininity and elegance.