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This palace alone represents Venice’s whole history, from its economic and social power, to the magic the site carries, the World recognises the palace as one of the most Romantic.
Recount Channel in this video dedicated to Real Estate, talks about the possible fate of Palazzo Garzoni Moro which could have been very similar to other neighboring historical buildings that, becoming property of big real estate groups, were transformed in Luxury Hotels. Thanks to the Gruppo Motterle di Vicenza who performed an operation for this splendid Nobil Palace from the XV century, now it can become a new stable abode right at the heart of Venice, with a site on Ponte di Rialto, a walk away from Palazzo Grassi, Teatro la Fenice and Piazza San Marco.Garzoni Moro Palace

Divided in two seperate areas (the front area which overlooks the Grand Canal and the back area surrounded by three sides of the lagune waters) Palazzo Garzoni Moro offers the possibility to live in Venice in an exclusive way thanks to the realization of 15 Luxury appartments, with an elegant internal and external finish which is in the typical Venetian Style.
Seven of these are already ready to be sold and were made internally of Palazzo Moro to offer you refined accomodation with sizes convenient for a daily use: the appartments, located on 4 floors of the Building, are a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 200 square meters. All extremely illuminated (due to the particularity of the Palace, one of the few in Venice with three open sides) offer the possibility to live immersed in a true lagoon acquaculture atmosphere, enjoying all its comfort that the Deisgn Partners of this project (Rubelli, Venini, Arclinea) allocated. A wide space is left to the domotics which allows to check one’s home with a simple “touch”.Garzoni Moro Palace

Eugenio Motterle, architect and Patron of Gruppo Motterle, tells us that choosing to live in a site like this is decided simply by the pathos and charm this location bring to our eyes.
The eight appartments that soon will be reconstructed internally of Palazzo Garzoni (at the moment we recorded guest of padallion of Azerbaijan for the Biennial) are of entirely different matter: the conservative restauration in fact consists of giving light to the wide living rooms and artistocratic rooms which occupy the 400 square meters, perfect therefore also as a representation site.
The sale is entrusted to an exceptioinal partner Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC, that guarantees information and services pre and post sale, sale certificates and of the highest quality.Garzoni Moro Palace