Franciacorta Festival 2014 | Sparkling News – Full Video

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In Milano the preview of the best of Franciacorta production.

franciacorta-anteprima-milano (1)In Milano, Franciacorta Festival 2014, was host into the magic courtyard of Museum of Science & technique. Recount Channel in this video is presenting all sparkling news preserve by wine producers for Franciacorta’s lovers.
This is an extraordinary occasion to launch the 2014 edition of FRANCIACORTANDO, as we advise into our “upcoming events list”, that will take place the 14th-15th of June in Franciacorta vineyards land and it give the possibility to Italian food and wine lovers to drink excellent Franciacorta wine and to eat “grand gourmet street food”.
To inform you about all Franciacortando news is the Administrator of Consortium of Franciacorta Giuseppe Savioni.

Franciacorta Festival 2014 offers also tasty cooking shows, explain by Chiara Maci, Italian food blogger and ambassadress 2014 of Franciacorta wines: a nice moment to discover typical Italian food and to learn simple recipes to made by ourselves.
franciacorta-anteprima-milano (2) You cannot miss your interview to Alessandro Ramagini, Sales director for Italy of “Guido Berlucchi”, the famous vinehouse that will participate to Franciacortando 2014. Berlucchi in 1961 gives life to the first Italian Champenoise production and since that moment it is still celebrating Made in Italy wine.