Dinacci Luxury Jewels


fratelli dinacci (4)Fratelli Dinacci signs its first luxury jewelry collection. Recount Channel is showing you as European preview. During VICENZAORO JANUARY 2015 this brand, based in South of Italy inside the “Tarì”, known since ever for excellent and Made in Italy manufacture of jewelry frame, has presented its first collection.

The parure is composed by earrings, ring, bracelet and fascinating collier made with white gold, rubies and diamonds signed by Yolanda Yong, a famous Chinese designer well known for her creative collections.

These jewels are bound to lovers of exotic shapes and well-defined design.fratelli dinacci (1)Fratelli Dinacci Brand is famous for its collaboration: the one that stand over with Yamamay. Cohesion between their core business gives life, in 2013, to the “One million dollar swim suite” wear by amazing Miss.

Today thank you to join venture between Flavio Dinacci, Ceo of Fratelli Dinacci, and Yolanda Yong we can enjoy the first luxury collection of this brand presented for the first time in Shenzhen.

Flavio Dinacci, in this video, is telling us this unusual but exciting adventure. These jewels are symbol of Made in Italy and of its incredible potentiality.fratelli dinacci (6)
, at the end, are jewelry locks able to change the shape of every single object: they allow to switch the earring to two different and the same action is allow on the ring. It means that everyday you can change your luxury fitting key to your personal look.