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Milan, March 5th 2014.

The Triennial of Milan is hosting the presentation of Deanna Farneti Cera’s last book who is the world’s biggest expert on Bijoux for fashion: .
“Fashion Jewelry Made in Italy” is a sort of Bible for bijoux. It’s a true excursus detailed and neat on Italian’s jewelry production for fashion from 1900 to 2011.

Inside of this volume there are descriptions and photographs of designed models from major Italian brands in fashion: Armani, Ferre`, Chanel, Marni, Missoni. Next to these models the author accompanied the most illustrious names from fashion jewelry of various eras. Therefore in this book is presented the names and creations of Coppola and Toppo, Bozart, Biki, Sharra Pagano, and Ugo Correani.

 The jewelry which appear in this book have been bought, studied, and catalogued from the author, which many times had to fulfill the laborious task of assigning an origin. Deanna Farneti Cera, was also incited from Dr. Boselli, president of Milan’s Camera della Moda, and in this way she was able to explain these body ornaments, which were studied from various stylists and artists in order to complete a garment and give it life.

“There is no tomorrow if there is no yesterday, just like there is no future if one does not study, know and promote the past. In this way will the Made in Italy have a just role in this globalized world in which we live. Bijoux is not bijouterie: it is the perfect example of the population’s way of life in that precise historic moment” says Farneti Cera who at her last book’s presentation was put beside an exhibition of the most significant pieces of her “collection”. Some of which can be bought at the fashion house “Ornamenti d’Autore” (the Author’s Embellishments) in Milan.

Photo by | Niccolò Benetton

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