Cibus 2014 | World love italian food



When invoicing 132 million in 2013, it became the most thriving and representative sector.

cibus-2014-aCIBUS 2014, 17th international nutrition exhibition hosted in Parma the beginning of May, gave Recount Channel a great opportunity to deepen themes connected to the excellelent Italian foods and agriculture production.
There are optimistic expectations for trades in the future, these expectations are sustained by excellent Food Made in Italy’s production and exportation course of data results.

According to the lastest DOXA data, this sector is the true Made in Italy symbol: results show that 57% of people inteviewed believe “the Italian character” is connected to food, 27% believe it’s connected to fashion, 7% believe it’s connected to cars and footwear and only 3% believe “the italian character”consists of design and interior design.

Shows like CIBUS 2014 give a lot of importance to promotional strategies for our greatest Brand.

cibus-2014-parmigiano-reggianoThe “export”father of this industry is wine, followed by desserts and other pasteries, by cheese and by pasta. Fortunately, 80% of these products are protected by designation of origin associations, like DOP, DOCG, IGP which offer one extra tool to the consumer who wants to verify the food’s authenticity.

Enthusiasts of Made in Italy nutritional products are not only found in Europe, where Germany, France and Great Britain have a strong demand, but also in countries at UE’s border.

As a matter of fact export data proves that oversea markets have the biggest Food Made in Italy followers. The United States, for example, have imported 5,4% more since 2012 of Italian food, Cina imports 7% and Turkey imports up to18%.

Great enthusiasts of out foods and agriculture production are Russians (+24,4%), many of who have traveled to Cibus 2014,  other admirers are Arab Emirates (+27%) and North African countries, as the tunisian striking percentage shows: +52% demand in the last 16 months.

In order to avoid disappointing our loyal buyers that could potentially purchase food passed off as Made in Italy, boards must protect and promote our beautiful food production image.

Cibus 2014Recount Channel does just this, as it directs daily its attention to forgein markets, transforming this operation into a promoting tool for Made in Italy, used to the consumer’s advantage who may find here all of the useful and necessary information in order to learn and distinguish true Italian production from the fake which is put on sale today.