Barakà key chains by Pininfarina | Full Video



Baraka-Pininfarina-(3)BARAKÀ KEY CHAINS BY PININFARINA. Two Italian eminencies, associate by passion for design and research, together for the first time. Thanks to this union is born “Italian Icons Collection”, 5 luxury key chains presented during “Vicenza Oro Fall 2014” with the special event titled “Driven by Perfection” that Recount Channel is telling you through this video.

Alberto Muraro, brand manager of Barakà, describes us these five exclusive models inspired by prestigious history of Italian automobile design. Masculine shapes, strong colors and luxury materials recall prestigious automobile design by Pinifarina since 1940.

Baraka-key-chains-Pininfarina-(4)Francisco Barboza, industrial designer of Pinifarina Extra, underlines this successful collaboration with Barakà, an important brand of male jewelry, and a big satisfaction about common enterprise with an Italian DNA.

Elegance, passion, innovation and Made in Italy handcrafted are join together in these 5 precious key chains characterized by Cardanic Movement, signature of Barakà brand, connecting lik between the key ring and the key chain.

Baraka-Pininfarina-(1)The Barakà by Pininfarina “Italian Icons Collection” will not only delight car lovers but also those who loves utmost beauty.