Barakà new collection does homage to one of the most important venture of Mankind: conquer of Everest. The roof of the World known humans for the first time in 1953 when, after many attempts, a couple of climber reach the top.
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Taking inspiration by the story of that climb, by brave that liven up that people, by all difficulties they have to pass over, Barakà, leader in luxury male jewelry, gives life to bracelets collection named “8848” that Recount Channel is glade to show you in this video.
baraka (5)It’s Alberto Muraro, Barakà Brand Manager, to recount us the philosophy that inspires an amazing collection, representative of basic features of Barakà, emblem of Made in Italy production, and the symbolism of the greatest venterus.

The most important characteristic of those bracelets is the patented closure that, in this case, is very similar to a snap – hook.

Technical material used to realized bracelet is declines in 4 different colors: Blue, Brown, Grey and White. The last one is a very special color: this is not a “common” white but the same one that Hedmund Hillary and his sherpa Tenzing Norgay have in front of them step by step. It’s the color of their rope.
Also the layout is pretty looked after: on the print of Everest photo are sign every camps and the whole way walk through by climbers. Recount Channel seen it during the preview collection in Vicenzaoro January 2015.
baraka (3)The collection is a unique homage to this venture that signs forever human History.
8848 contain for 3 times the symbol of Infinity: 8.
For this reason Barakà dedicates this luxury bracelets collection to all Men that wanna have always with them the symbol of immortality to wear everyday and in every occasions. As Hillary wrote in his journey diary:

“We have not to conquer a mountain but we ourselves”.